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What does "Live Pono" mean to us?


Pono is a Hawaiian word which like the word, “Aloha,” has many meanings. Living with Pono is living in a state of balance and harmony with the world around you. Other words to define Pono are: Goodness, morality, excellence, well-being, prosperity, true condition or nature. To us it means, do the right thing.  We have grown up enjoying the ocean, beaches and beautiful countryside of Ventura, CA. The photo above is us on the locally famous Two Trees Trail Hike. We are hugging one of the last two original trees, which was a bucket list item for both of us. We were very excited and grateful for the opportunity. We hope our company and our message spread world wide, starting with our own community. We are all responsible for taking care of this earth which connects us at many levels. The beaches and oceans along with the sunshine and earth (sand in your toes) provide soothing “Blue Space," reducing stress, boosting creativity and changing your perspective.  Our logo cotains a continuous/eternal/infinity wave. It has also been called the circle of life. Together, we can make a difference.

 Let’s Live Pono.® Aloha, Collina and Cynthia

The Problem


Walking our beaches in Ventura alone, it is alarming how many plastic items, such as straws, bottle lids, drink containers and wrappers to name a few we pick up each day. Of course we also find all kinds of fishing line, rusted hooks, and lures, and the list goes on.  This was our motivation for starting this company.

A Solution


We provide eco-friendly, reusable alternative solutions to products that are damaging and polluting our oceans, beaches and harming marine life. We want to contribute to environmental awareness, realizing many people simply don’t know that there are easy solutions that can make a difference everyday. Our mission is to facilitate making conscious shopping the new normal. 

Livin' La Vida Pono


Live Pono™ Reusable Products

Buy our reusable Live Pono® brand products. Your purchase will make an impact by contributing to reducing waste and a portion of your purchase will be donated to our trash removal fund.


We Do What We Love and We Love What We Do

We are two women with passion, a photographer and a chef. Collina has professionally photographed Cynthia for years. Cynthia feeds Collina delicious, healthy foods. Half joking aside, we love what we do! Check us out!


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